Acronis acquires DeviceLock

1 min read Cybersecurity
Cyber protection company Acronis has announced the acquisition of DeviceLock, a provider of endpoint device/port control and data leak prevention software.

As part of the agreement, DeviceLock will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Acronis. Acronis will integrate DeviceLock’s technology into the Acronis Cyber Platform, making new services available through the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions portal. At the same time, Acronis will continue to work on new versions of the DeviceLock data loss prevention (DLP) software while maintaining full technical support.

DeviceLock DLP is designed to stop data leaks caused by employees, contractors or visitors. DeviceLock’s technology protects 4 million computers in 5,000 organisations worldwide. It has customers across a variety of business types, including banking and finance, medical, pharmaceutical, government and defence, manufacturing, and retail.

Together with DeviceLock’s full DLP suite, Acronis will offer customers and partners a simple and affordable approach to preventing data leaks from corporate Windows and Mac laptops, desktop computers, and virtualised Windows sessions and applications, covering the five vectors of cyber protection — safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) of all data, applications, and systems.

“By adding DeviceLock’s solutions to our portfolio of cyber protection products and services, we’re giving our partners and customers an easy way to deliver an unprecedented level of functionality among endpoint DLP solutions in an affordable price range,” said Serguei Beloussov, Acronis' founder and executive officer. “We are looking at both developing new solutions internally, as well as acquiring additional leading vendors to add even more capabilities to our existing repertoire. The world of IT security is always changing, and we are determined to continue evolving our solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.”

Ashot Oganesyan, CTO and founder of DeviceLock, added, “By merging with Acronis, we can accelerate product innovation, expand our distribution channel, and leverage our existing technology to meet customer requirements. With the knowledge gained from nearly a quarter century of experience providing device control and endpoint data leak prevention solutions, we are certain that this acquisition will protect millions more users and ensure secure and reliable data protection deployments worldwide.”

Acronis will offer DeviceLock’s services to its community of 50,000 partners in the IT channel, enabling MSPs and service providers to better manage the data protection needs of their clients. Acronis plans to continue enhancing its cyber protection offerings, and adding capabilities requested by partners and customers.