Adaptive Call Recorder Well received

1 min read
New Media Software has announced the launch of their new Adaptive Call Recorder, which they say is already generating a high level of interest in the channel.

The Adaptive Call Recorder was officially launched at The Convergence Summit in October 2006 - and New Media Software has already received enquiries from more than 175 resellers who are interested in marketing the product to both existing and new customers.

The initial call recorder offerings are 8 channel basic rate, 15 channel primary rate and 30 channel primary rate, with 60, 90 and 120 channel offerings becoming available in the New Year. The Adaptive Call Recorder is fully integrated with the rest of the Adaptive product family. This means that customers who already have Adaptive CTI and Adaptive diallers can look at user and campaign results and then simply double-click on the corresponding record to hear the call.

Chris Gerard of Complete Business Solutions has already installed one of the very first Adaptive Call Recorders, which was sold to insurance company Warranty Direct. He commented: “Our customer had wanted a call recorder for some time, but was put off by the high cost. The Adaptive Call Recorder delivers all the features that they need and at a price they can afford. It was a really easy sale".

New Media Software Managing Director Phill McGowan explains, "I believe that most businesses would like to have a call recorder but they won't fork out a fortune for one. Our three tier software approach allows businesses to buy into call recording and then upgrade as their requirements become more demanding. The Adaptive Call Recorder delivers everything that you would expect, but at a fraction of the cost of competitor products. We are extremely pleased that distributors have seen the benefits of our solution and have selected the Adaptive Call Recorder as part of their offering."