Channel Veterans Launch Trust Business Consultancy

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New company Trust Business Partners has launched to help businesses simplify, transform and grow with a hands on approach to Channel & Sales development along with strategy and sales operations.

Trust will provide business consulting services to vendors, distributors and resellers in the IT and Telecoms industry with a specialism in helping non UK vendors launch products and services into Europe.

The founders at Trust Business Partners, David Pitts and Graham Bunting started their sales careers at similar times, being of the same vintage, entering the deregulated UK telecoms market place in the mid 1980's. Their careers have run along parallel tracks coming together on at least four occasions in the past 30 years. Significantly they have experience at all levels in the sales value chain, working for vendor, distributor and reseller, corporate and SME. As well as recruiting, developing and managing channels inside and outside the UK, both have run their own businesses which means you can expect David and Graham to step off the sidelines and get involved, because they know from experience that this is what it takes to help you achieve a companies vision.

Graham Bunting commented "We are looking forward to working with like minded companies to help grow and expand their business. Sales development requires focus and resources, which invariably are not immediately available in most organisations. Trust can provide on demand resources along with up-skilling existing teams through training, coaching and mentoring."

David added "At Trust Business Partners we love talking with businesses to discover what currently makes them tick and developing ideas to help them tick smarter.

Stepping back and reviewing your business is never easy in the heat of battle, but with help and guidance from Trust, new strategies to grow revenues or increase the business value are achievable together with a plan to operationalise - aka, roll our sleeves up and get on with it!"