Cisco Resellers Get Access to Veeam

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Veeam will be added to the Cisco Global Price List in early October of this year. This will enable Cisco and its resellers to deliver Veeam Availability solutions as easily and simply as any Cisco hardware or software product.

Digital transformation and digital disruption have become top-of-mind concerns for executives today. IDC predicts that more than 65% of Global 2000 companies will position digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategies by the end of 2017.

At the heart of digital transformation is data, which is commonly touted as this generation’s oil — such is the value of the commodity to modern business. However, due to cyber-attacks, human error, development oversights and poor backup routines, companies are now more prone to data loss than ever before.

The past 12 months have shown that data Availability is paramount in digital transformation. And that’s why Cisco and Veeam are working hard together to deliver seamless Availability across the enterprise.

For Cisco resellers, this means they can soon easily order and deliver a complete availability solution with pre-validated designs that will meet the demands of application Availability across hybrid-cloud environments. This streamlined order process will allow Veeam to be quoted directly through Cisco and enable “one-stop shopping.”