Elisha Telecom launches AI solution for call centres

Elisha Telecom has launched its AI solution for call centres, Elisha Insights, into the UK Channel.

The AI-based metrics solution ingests all relevant data to produce insights into customer sentiment, resources and customer service.

"Our key investment area is access to data. Having worked with some massive entities with high standards for customer service, we've been able to train our generative AI, large language models and natural language processing on massive datasets, enabling it to extract more sophisticated insights," said Jeff Green, CEO, Elisha Telecoms

Another key feature of Elisha Insights is its broad compatibility, being compatible with CCaaS platforms developed by other vendors.
Moving forward, Green believes that early adoption and data accumulation will offer invaluable insights into contact centre functionality and performance.

"AI has the formative potential to absolutely transform the world we all live in, just like the advent of the microchip. Communication services are changing faster than ever, and AI has been the key enabler of those recent developments, enabling Contact Centres to scale their operations and optimise resources better than ever before," said Green.

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