Ericsson – Anyone There? Responses ‘Flood In’

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Comms Business Magazine’s question in our weekly email newsletter on Monday this week regarding anyone from the Ericsson PBX sales channel to contact us is starting ti bring out the response we hoped for.

Peter Halliday who is Head of Telecom Knowledge, a division of TRG Europe Plc wrote in to say:

“In reply to your editorial regarding Ericsson products, unfortunately I cannot answer for the Indirect Sales Channel, they must do that for themselves. However I would like to stress that the technology that Ericsson Enterprise has, and continues to introduce into the UK marketplace is fully supported by many including Telecom Knowledge (the sole Ericsson Enterprise Certified Training Partner for the UK and Ireland). Most people would not even realise that of the nineteen Ericsson Enterprise Training facilities worldwide only two organisations have managed to reach Ericsson ‘Premium’ status, ourselves being the first just over four years ago, and not surprisingly the German Training Partner followed suit two years ago.

I too remember the times of Roger James, as it was with him that I negotiated the original partner deal based purely on the delivery of technical training for the BusinessPhone range. Within a year our partnership with Ericsson in Sweden was formed, and subsequently we added to our training facility in Clevedon by taking over the Ericsson training rooms in Haslemere which covered the MD110 product range. As the range of products has grown our trainers, both Technical and End User, have become fully conversant with all Ericsson Enterprise products, including: BusinessPhone, MD Evolution, EBN, MD110, MX-ONE, One-Box, CommsOrganiser, Netwise, Solidus, ViPr, right up to the forthcoming launch of EMS.

We may not be selling the products, but as far as the training support structure in the UK stands, both Resellers and End Users could not be better served. This is also borne out by the considerable number of overseas delegates from as far away as South America and China who regularly attend our courses, as they consider the UK provides the best in support for the comprehensive and unified Ericsson Enterprise product range.”

Halliday concluded by saying “Ericsson Enterprise products are out there and being supported.”

Within minutes of Halliday’s contact David Curl, Head of Public and Media Relations at Ericsson rang to arrange a visit to HQ for a channel update. So, look out for an Ericsson article in a forthcoming issue.