Infortrend Increases Performance by 80%

1 min read Cloud IT
Infortrend has announced the release of four 10GbE iSCSI EonStor DS G7i models. These arrays include advanced new hardware and improved virtualisation features aimed at SMEs looking to meet the most pressing demands of today’s IT environment such as ever-increasing performance, scalability and usability.

Reacting to the growing need for higher performance, Infortrend’s new EonStor DS G7i systems feature an advanced new hardware design with modular architecture including a dual-core processor that provides a 75-80% improvement in performance compared to previous models.

In addition the EonStor DS G7i is VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration) ready, supporting features that allow for more efficient usage of network resources and enable significant improvements in virtual machine operations such as hardware assisted locking, block zeroing and full copy.

The EonStor DS G7i systems provide sustained high performance levels, making them ideal for I/O-intensive environments such as HPC, database applications, virtualised systems, cloud datacentres, media and broadcasting. The EonStor DS G7i’s powerful features enable SMEs to efficiently meet their ever-increasing data storage demands without breaking the bank.

Thomas Kao, Director of Product Planning at Infortrend, stated “In the current IT landscape performance is never enough and more features are on the wish list of most end users who want to meet all their requirements even when, as is the case with the majority of SMEs, they have more modest budgets.” He added: “Infortrend’s new 10GbE iSCSI EonStor DS G7i models, with their advanced hardware and virtualisation features, represent the best choice for SMEs looking to meet their present IT demands and to prepare for future ones as well.”