Jabra upgrades intelligent video bar

Jabra has added new features and functionality to its PanaCast 50 intelligent video bar.

The new upgrade will provide the audio quality input needed to optimise AI-driven intelligent meeting experiences and next generation meeting room management.

The video bar is certified for Microsoft’s Intelligent Speaker functionality. Intelligent Speaker identifies the speaker in a meeting room and accurately attributes speaker names to their transcript, enhancing AI-based productivity tools such as Intelligent Meeting Recap and Copilot in Microsoft Teams.

Updates to PanaCast 50 will also bring Microsoft People Recognition functionality to the video bar. With the PanaCast 50 180-degree field of view, all people in the meeting room are seen in high video quality.

New Multi-stream Dynamic Composition for PanaCast 50 provides a close up of participants by giving individuals their own video stream, in addition to showing a panoramic view of the entire meeting room for a natural, inclusive experience for all participants. With Intelligent Speaker, People Recognition and Multi-Stream Dynamic Composition, it also provides a comprehensive hybrid meeting experience with Microsoft Teams.

"AI assistants have the potential to drive significant productivity gains in today’s hybrid workforce, but the right hardware is critical to unlocking the true value of these technologies," said Holger Reisinger, SVP enterprise solutions at Jabra. "Our PanaCast portfolio provides a gateway to these intelligent experiences, and we will continue to enhance our video collaboration devices with AI-powered feature updates to meet the evolving needs of the hybrid workplace."

A broader range of Jabra professional devices are also available, including the Certified for Microsoft Teams Jabra Speak2 75 which now supports Intelligent Speaker.

Jabra is bringing additional meeting flexibility to the Jabra PanaCast 50 VBS Android collaboration bar with the new bring-your-own-device (BYOD) mode. Available now, BYOD mode enables users to join meetings on other platforms from their own laptop by plugging a USB cable into the PanaCast 50 VBS. The high-quality camera, microphones and speakers from the video bar will be used during the meeting, and the user's laptop will serve as the temporary in-room compute – providing flexibility while maintaining a premium audio and video experience.

Updates to PanaCast 50 VBS will also provide audio clarity. New enhanced noise suppression intelligently separates voice from disruptive sounds such as typing and paper crunching to transmit high-quality, professional sound to remote participants.

New Single-stream Dynamic Composition for Teams Rooms includes a close-up view of the most recent speakers in a meeting room, along with a 180-degree panoramic view of the meeting room. New Multi-Stream Dynamic Composition for Zoom Rooms creates an individual real-time video feed of each in-room participant along with a 180-degree panoramic view of the meeting room. With this new feature, PanaCast 50 VBS supports six streams, including one full room video and an additional five streams to capture close-ups of participants in the meeting room.

Jabra+ for admins is a new cloud-based API-first software platform for meeting room remote monitoring and management. Users can monitor and manage all Jabra meeting room solutions with a clear visual overview of rooms, locations and devices.
As a unified software platform, Jabra+ for admins will eventually integrate with IT help desk systems and third-party tools to create a device management ecosystem.

Jabra+ for admins meeting room management will be available at the end of June. Personal device management is planned for later this year.


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