Mitel Delivers MiContact Centre to Freebridge

1 min read Call Services
Mitel has delivered a contact centre solution for Freebridge Community Housing as part of a strategic move to enhance its customer service capabilities.

Implemented in collaboration with Mitel partner Koris, the Mitel solution integrates with Microsoft Lync to deliver a contact centre operation that enhances the housing team’s ability to support over 7,000 tenants in managed homes and sheltered schemes across Norfolk, England.

Dave Clements, ICT Business Partner, Freebridge Community Housing, comments: “MiContact Centre for Lync is a central part of our contact centre set-up. Since installing the new system we have come out on top of mystery caller tests between us and other housing associations in the region. Average call length has gone down every month, with the latest figures showing a 22.8% decrease in the average call handling time since deployment.”

MiContact Centre for Lync brings critical functionality to Freebridge’s contact centre environment to enhance the customer experience while fulfilling the needs of agents and supervisors who require an intuitive and easy to use system with advanced reporting features. Powerful reporting directly leads to improvements in performance, providing real-time statistics to manage tenant interaction, set benchmarks and identify areas where more training may be required for the contact centre team.

Steve Powell, Sales Director Contact Centre Solutions, Mitel, commented: “Mitel MiContact Centre for Lync aims to deliver a highly functional and future-proof solution that enables companies like Freebridge Community Housing to put the customer at the centre of their business. Through its integration with Microsoft Lync and range of intuitive features, organisations can benefit from an advanced contact centre solution without the cost and complexity that comes with installing a separate service.”