New Eaton three-phase 93PM UPS

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Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton has announced the launch of the Eaton 93PM, its new generation of three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs)

The units are designed to meet the reliability needs of IT managers in the most demanding environments including virtualised and cloud data centres, co-location facilities and mission-critical applications. With a power factor of 1.0, the 93PM covers power ratings from 30 to 50 kVA/kW and offers industry-leading levels of energy efficiency in a compact 0.5 m2 footprint.

In double conversion mode, the Eaton 93PM units are designed to perform at an unmatched 96.7% efficiency and protect critical load from any abnormalities in utility power. With Eaton’s innovative Energy Saver System (ESS) technology, the UPS automatically adapts to incoming power conditions, increasing efficiency to an impressive 99%. This means that, under normal conditions, the 93PM securely provides power to the load through a static bypass line and then, if the circumstances require, it switches to double conversion or battery mode with a typical transition time of just 2 ms. As a result, the units enable users to optimise Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) while ensuring ultimate reliability and continuous load availability.

“With its ESS technology Eaton is a leader in UPS energy efficiency. The new range of Eaton 93PM UPSs confirms and strengthens this position and is the most efficient system in its class available on the market today”, commented Cyrille Brisson, EMEA Vice President of Power Quality, Eaton. “Even small increases in UPS efficiency can quickly translate into thousands of Euros. We are happy and proud that Eaton is able to help its customers combat the costs of energy for the ever-increasing power demands of their IT infrastructure.”

The Eaton 93PM also features high power and energy density; the devices are capable of providing the full load with power from the internal batteries for 10-20 minutes. Internal batteries allow the 93PM to achieve a minimal physical footprint of only 0.5 m2, saving valuable space that users can allocate to other business critical equipment. Additionally, the units are equipped with Eaton’s proven Advanced Battery Management (ABM) technology to ensure maximum uptime. ABM optimises battery recharge time, eliminates overcharging, continuously monitors battery condition to extend battery service life by 50%, enables early fault detection and provides optimal maintenance planning. If required, the backup time can further be extended with line-and-match external battery cabinets to provide power for more than an hour.

As well as industry-leading energy efficiency, usability has been a key consideration in ensuring the 93PM helps to optimise operational productivity. An intuitive touch screen LCD interface built into the front of the UPS provides the essential information onsite like power quality, energy consumption and efficiency trends – both as data and graphics. Thanks to a standard web interface, users also have the option to monitor and manage the 93PM remotely and integrate the unit into IT and facility management systems. Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software Suite for example enables users to monitor and manage all the power devices on the network. The Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software is compatible with major operating systems as well as virtualisation software. Thus, the 93PM easily integrates with leading virtualised IT environments such as VMware vCenter, Microsoft Systems Center and Citrix XENCenter. In case of a power failure IPM can trigger actions like live migration of virtual machines, controlled shutdown or disaster recovery, and movement of critical applications to available servers within an organisation or to a co-located facility or public cloud.

All Eaton 93PM units are fully serviceable from the front enabling easy maintenance without load downtime to increase system uptime. Also included are an internal back-feed protection isolation for the bypass, a battery breaker to protect the internal batteries and a rectifier input switch for easy isolation of the uninterruptable power module when operating or servicing the system. Optionally available is a variety of connectivity cards as well as an internal Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS). The MBS allows for the unit to be serviced without de-energising the output and shutting off the load, and helps reduce the need for expensive external switchgear solutions.