Nimans Prepares Partners for New £1 Coin

1 min read Distributors
2017 sees the arrival of a new ‘super secure’ £1 coin which will have a significant impact on thousands of payphones across the country.

Distributor Nimans, the exclusive UK supplier of Solitaire products, is urging resellers to plan ahead for the introduction of the new design, confirmed for March - the first change in over 30 years.

An estimated one in 30 current £1 coins is fake so the Royal Mint has created a new 12 sided version hailed as the most secure in the world.

All New Solitaire Payphones supplied since January last year will accept the revised £1 coin but existing models already on-site will need updating, points out Solitaire’s Managing Director Jeff Wilkes - who says many people are still unaware and unprepared about the new arrival.

“We estimate that from around 500,000 Solitaire payphones sold in the UK around 50,000 are still in service,” he explained. “The Royal Mint has now confirmed the new Bi Metallic coin will be in circulation in March and the old pound will be discontinued in the Autumn. So with less than a few months to go the countdown is well and truly on.”

Jeff concluded: “Demand for payphones remains strong in niche areas and the new £1 coin will have a big impact. Resellers need to be advising their customers now about how to adapt their existing machines before it’s too late.”