Openreach adds 27 locations to ultrafast broadband plan

Openreach has announced that it will bring its ultrafast Full Fibre broadband to a further 27 locations.

Almost 800 locations have been included in the £12bn programme so far, which aims to bring Full Fibre to 20 million premises throughout the UK by the mid-to-late 2020s. The new locations stretch across the country and include Llangennech in Wales, Salcombe in Devon and Addiewell in Scotland.

Openreach has updated its website with indicative maps for a simplified view of the build programme, with further details to be published including the exchange areas it plans to reach in each location.

Information will be updated on a quarterly basis, the network provider said, and will include details of the specific exchanges where Full Fibre is currently being built, has already been built, or where building will start within the next three months.

Stakeholders such as Communications Providers customers and council planners can use the information to make decisions on their FTTP investments and sales efforts.

So far, Openreach has built Full Fibre technology in more than 4.5 million premises across the UK reaching 42,000 premises a week.