Plugging Cellular Gaps Key Says Devicescape

1 min read M2M & IoT
Wi-Fi is now an essential part of our smartphone and tablet-enabled lifestyle. Today, more than two thirds of our monthly wireless data is consumed over Wi-Fi, and all signs are that this proportion will continue to grow.

Many operators recognise the important role Wi-Fi plays are already taking steps to let subscribers send calls and texts over Wi-Fi. However, according to Devicescape’s David Nowicki, although this is important, it’s just a small step towards enhancing the subscriber experience overall.

“What’s really needed is automated connection to all available Wi-Fi – home, work and public access or amenity hotspots provided by businesses and public bodies all over the world. What the consumer wants is the best available connection. They don’t care if that’s on the cellular network or via a Wi-Fi hotspot, but they really don’t want to be bothering with a convoluted log on or authentication process before they even start dialling.”

Devicescape curates the world’s amenity WiFi to create a quality-controlled network. This network currently contains 20m hotspots and is scheduled to grow to 100 million by 2017. The company works with mobile operators, including Virgin Media, to provide mobile users with seamless and automated connection to that network. Those users then have access to the best available cellular or Wi-Fi connection wherever they are.

“Wi-Fi was once perceived to be nothing more than a channel to offload mobile data traffic from congested mobile networks, but it has now become an integral component in a broader strategy to maintain a consistent and reliable user experience.

“From an operator’s point of view, an amenity Wi-Fi strategy lets them ensure an 'always best connected' experience for subscribers, removing any unexpected costs associated with mobile data usage, or a reluctance to access Wi-Fi because of unreliable connectivity or slow data speeds. Disparate Wi-Fi networks acting independently may not offer a carrier-grade solution, but when the world’s amenity Wi-Fi is carefully curated and scrutinised for quality and reliability, it delivers on QoE and extends capacity reach further than any cellular network in operation today.”