Rocom to Host IP Convergence Workshops for Panasonic Resellers

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Telecoms distributor Rocom, announced that they will host four IP Convergence workshops aimed at Panasonic resellers in June 2009. Designed to meet the education needs of engineering and sales staff, the workshops will equip Panasonic dealers with the knowledge and tools to improve their sales technique for NCP and TDE VoIP solutions.

Neil Hutchinson, Panasonic Channel Manager said “Rocom made a strong commitment to training with the launch of its training academy in January 2009. The difference with these workshops is that Rocom has really recognised the importance of educating both sales and engineering to their specific requirements if they are to make the TDE and NCP IP an easy sell. This training will give Panasonic resellers the extra confidence they need in these challenging economic times.”

Stephen Gerrard, Marketing Manager Panasonic UK said, “Panasonic TDE and NCP IP systems currently meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses everywhere by providing a cost effective route to converged communications. Many dealers target their solutions at this particular end-user group who seem to like what the TDE and NCP IP systems have to offer.”

The workshops are set to build reseller knowledge of Panasonic NCP and TDE products by providing information and tools to better sell, install and support VoIP solutions. Rocom can also provide reseller-branded sales and marketing collateral to support resellers.

Sales Workshop Dates

9 June 09 (Rocom Ltd, Wetherby)

10 June 09 (Panasonic UK, Northampton)

Engineering Workshop Dates

16 June 09 (Panasonic UK, Northampton)

17 June 09 (Rocom Ltd, Wetherby)