Sharedband Set to Shake-up Broadband Industry

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The words ‘unique’ and ‘revolutionary’ are banded about all too frequently, but not apparently according to ISP Keconnect, with Sharedband, a software technology designed to shake-up the broadband industry, following successful beta trials with the ISP.

By combining several ADSL lines into a single high-speed connection, the software can deliver up to four times the download and upload speed. With a vastly improved network resilience and reduction of cost by up to two-thirds when compared to traditional bonded broadband, Sharedband (branded by KeConnect as FlexiBand) is certain to create a stir of interest from resellers in the Channel.

For the first time, end-users will be able to combine the speed of up to a maximum of four ADSL lines, irrespective of whether each line has been supplied by a different ISP, significantly changing the way ISPs work together.

Paul Evans, CEO of Sharedband Ltd, who has been developing the software for over three years, said:

“Sharedband software is simply installed on the routers connected to a LAN at the customer’s premises where it manages the flow of information between a customer’s PC and a Sharedband service provider's servers to deliver accelerated broadband performance. It is patented software that works by managing data flows at the packet level across several lines, allowing the capacities of the lines to be added together to act as a single connection.”

For the first time, UK resellers will be able to offer SMEs high speed connectivity at affordable prices by selling Internet products from chosen Sharedband providers such as KeConnect, whilst earning significant revenues.

Robert Kemp, Managing Director of KeConnect, added: “It is no secret that the rise of broadband has seen growth in high-performance applications such as VoIP and video streaming, fuelled by the trend towards remote and home working. As the market grows, ISPs and resellers in the Channel face the challenge of meeting customer demand for faster download and upload speeds.

“At KeConnect, we are constantly aware of this and although we continue to outperform the majority of ISPs on speed of connectivity, customer service and reliability, it is a crowded marketplace and we have to be one step ahead. This is not just to grow as a business, but to ensure our resellers are constantly offering the best products available. This is why we have been trialing the solution with intentions of rolling it out to all our resellers across the UK branded as FlexiBand.”