ShP Get Strategic with Daisy

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ShP has announced a strategic partnership with Daisy Group plc to provide the company and its customer base with a range of asset recycling services.

The partnership will see ShP support Daisy and its group businesses with their device take back and data security requirements. With over 10 years’ experience in this sector, ShP has been selected to offer its services in line with the high standards Daisy expects.

Andrew Wilford, Commercial Director at Daisy Wholesale said “Whilst we initially began discussions regarding a mobile handset recycling service, Daisy is delighted to agree a broad reaching contract for ShP to provide a range of asset recycling services; including mobile phones, desktop PCs and laptops from across the business."

Simon Walsh, Sales and Marketing Director at ShP added, “Our unique position of being able to securely process and erase both IT and telecommunications equipment within one treatment facility provides us with a great opportunity to offer a complete service for all data bearing devices. We are delighted a company such as Daisy has recognised this position and we are looking forward to working together”.