Smartphones spark early trade-in trend

1 min read Networks & Network Services
A recent survey from online mobile phone recycler, mopay, has shown that consumers appear to be trading in their modern, non-smartphone handsets in order to get the latest feature rich smartphone devices such as the iPhone.

The survey looked at thousands of handset recycling transactions carried out through mopay in the past month, from both consumers and businesses, and showed that many mobile phone users were opting to trade in their old mobile because they wanted to upgrade to more modern feature rich smart phones from companies such as Apple, Blackberry, Nokia or HTC.

Commenting on the trend Simon Walsh, sales and marketing director at mopay said: “We have noticed that many of our users are recycling high end non-smartphone devices well before we would normally expect to see them come through our warehouse, in some case less than ten months after they were first launched. These handsets were function rich and included good cameras and music players but were not true smart phones.”

He continued: “As recycles thousands of phones every day, we were able to talk to some of our users and found that most of them had opted to upgrade their handsets early as they wanted to get hold of a smartphone that had true web browsing, email and other mobile connectivity applications.”

As part of the trend towards smartphones the company has for the first time ever seen one manufacturer, Nokia, dominate its top the ten most recycled phones chart which is issued every two weeks.