SolarWinds announces integration with Cisco Meraki

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SolarWinds has expanded its monitoring capabilities within the Cisco Meraki Marketplace. This means the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API can now be integrated with SolarWinds N-central.

Through this expanded integration, MSPs will be able to more easily discover and monitor Cisco Meraki devices from within their N-central dashboards. SolarWinds said this announcement underscores its commitment to fuelling partner success and helping MSPs create a more connected and efficient ecosystem.

“Cisco Meraki offers a comprehensive set of cloud solutions that give IT providers the opportunity to streamline and simplify the digital workplace, a goal that has never been more paramount as the definition of the workplace is in flux. Daily shifts from work from home and returning to the office require an elastic office space and IT infrastructure,” said Mav Turner, group vice president of products for SolarWinds MSP (pictured above).

He added, “This goal is fully aligned with SolarWinds MSP, as we work to empower MSPs to more easily fulfill a market need that has spiked almost overnight. As MSP customers seek their help more than ever, we believe the integration with Cisco Meraki and N-central will play another important role in supporting them.”

The integration will include routers, switches, and access points as part of the portfolio of Cisco Meraki cloud-managed solutions. By integrating these devices with the N-central platform, SolarWinds MSP partners can see the status of Cisco Meraki customers’ devices right in their monitoring and management dashboard, enable notifications and alerts, and monitor connectivity and traffic.

This streamlines the efficiencies for MSPs by allowing them to keep tabs on the health of their Cisco Meraki devices (as part of the continuing buildout of a fully integrated ecosystem), while leveraging the power of N-central to control, customise, and help secure complex environments.

Marc Inderhees, Cisco-as-a-service sales acceleration leader, Cisco Systems, commented, “SolarWinds N-central is known for its power as a remote monitoring and management solution that centralises the ability for an MSP to see and manage everything from one easy-to-use dashboard. We are excited about the new integration of Cisco Meraki with N-central to give SolarWinds MSP partners a direct path for discovering and monitoring Cisco Meraki devices in their SolarWinds dashboard, so they can focus more of their time and energy on taking care of the businesses they support.”