Talkdesk launches generative AI solution

Talkdesk has launched generative AI-powered Talkdesk Navigator and mood insights.

Talkdesk provides personalised customer experiences that can adjust content, offers and recommendations based on a customer's profile, history, usage patterns, location, demographics and perceived emotional state.

Talkdesk Navigator enables users to create new, as well as improve existing, customer journeys, providing brands with intuitive, conversational and context-aware interaction orchestration.

Mood insights, a feature of Talkdesk Interaction Analytics, evaluates customers' perceived emotional states throughout an interaction, speeding time to resolution and improving customer satisfaction.

Talkdesk Navigator provides generative AI-powered routing and is the first point of contact when customers engage with customer support or sales. It autonomously manages and prioritises incoming inquiries based on real-time context. Using natural conversation, Talkdesk Navigator can understand customer requests and automatically deliver the ideal customer experience.

Customers can tell Talkdesk Navigator what they need or want to accomplish, in their own words. For administrators, Talkdesk Navigator eliminates the tedious setup and iterations required to build natural, efficient customer experiences. With no training required, it can understand naturally and initiate the most efficient path to resolution.

Talkdesk Interaction Analytics reviews customer conversations for topics and sentiment trends without setup. With generative AI, it detects emerging topics, uncovering valuable insights and opportunities. The addition of mood insights allows contact centres to capture the complexity of human feelings and provide emotional analysis at the beginning and end of the interaction - and the reason why those emotions may have changed. Agents can better support customers, and operational leaders can understand which behaviours to emphasise in order to improve agent performance.

Powered by a large language model, the Talkdesk generative AI-powered mood insights captures feelings such as gratitude, annoyance and relief. By understanding the reason why customer emotions change during an interaction, contact centres can tailor their interactions and mitigate potential issues more precisely and accurately.

Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst of ZK Research, said, "Generative AI has had a profound impact on how companies support and service their customers, and we’re really just beginning to see what’s possible. Talkdesk Navigator and mood insights are at the forefront of this new era of hyper-personalised customer experience that moves us away from hard-to-use interactive voice response systems toward a more natural, customised, and easier engagement with brands. This should be a natural progression for any company looking to transform the customer journey."

Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer and founder of Talkdesk, said, "Generative AI has opened up new possibilities for CX and is rewriting the rules of customer engagement. Traditional personalisation is no longer enough. Customers expect interactions tailored to their unique preferences and emotions. With Talkdesk Navigator and mood insights, we're empowering organisations to deliver hyper-personalised experiences with AI that drive deeper connections that foster lasting customer loyalty."

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