Tango Networks releases Global Pass subscription plan

Tango Networks has announced the launch of Global Pass, a single rate subscription plan for Tango Extend across 39 countries.

The Tango Extend eSIM service enables subscribers' smartphones to integrate directly with a company's UC platform to provide remote employees, frontline, deskless and hybrid workers with seamless business communications.

Now, with Global Pass, Tango Extend subscribers will receive a single fixed-rate business mobile service across 14 home countries with seamless roaming in a further 25 home-away countries across Europe and North America.

"Global Pass is a game-changer, enhancing the capabilities of Tango Extend to redefine how enterprises connect, communicate, and collaborate on a global basis," said Lee Essex, senior vice president of sales for Tango Networks. "With Global Pass, we empower enterprises to break free from traditional connectivity and geography constraints, fostering a new era of productivity and collaboration for the extended workforce."

Global Pass enables employees to stay connected while traveling or working.

Starting with 14 countries in the first half of 2024, Global Pass subscribers based in the US, UK, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, and Poland will be able to be resident or move freely between these countries and roam into 25 more countries across Europe and North America without incurring additional roaming charges.

Later in 2024 and into 2025, Global Pass will expand to countries across Asia, Australasia, North and South America.

Integrating with many UC platforms including Microsoft’s Teams Phone, Tango Extend enables workers to use their existing business numbers natively on their mobile phones, including BYOD mobile phones. Tango Extend provides a business eSIM for any multi-SIM personal mobile phone. The eSIM is paid for and controlled by the business, allowing work communications and personal communications to be securely separated with dual personas. Business calls are made using the phone’s native dialler, rather than a mobile app.

Companies using Tango Extend are retiring landline desk phones, cutting expensive company-issued mobile phones, while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint and boosting worker productivity.

Incorporating fixed-mobile convergence technologies, Tango Extend is covered by more than 100 patents and has won more than 10 best new product and channel solution awards.


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