TD Synnex partners to get AI-enabled Qualcomm processors

TD Synnex’s partners will be given access to devices powered by the new range of Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processors with built-in AI capability expected to be announced by leading PC systems vendors in mid-2024.

TD Synnex is working with Qualcomm to raise awareness and pave the way for the arrival of systems that make use of the new processors which, as well as being capable of running everyday Windows applications, will come with embedded AI capabilities. This means that users will not have to depend on cloud-based platforms to make use of generative AI. In addition, some Qualcomm CPUs will come with built-in support for 5G and for WiFi 7.

James Reed, managing director, endpoint solutions, UK and Ireland, TD Synnex, said, "Qualcomm is set to make real waves in the market and as a result of its collaboration with TD SYNNEX, our partners can expect to be amongst the first to be exposed to new laptops that make use of their exceptional performance and built-in generative AI. Snapdragon is already a trusted name in the mobile market and we are expecting the launch of the new Snapdragon X Elite CPUs to cause quite a stir and for customers at all levels to be very keen to hear about their capabilities."

TD Synnex will be ready to help partners respond to the heightened interest that the launch of the Snapdragon X Elite is expected to trigger, said Reed.

"We have been working with key vendors to make sure our team is ready to answer any questions that our partners might have about the new Snapdragon X Elite CPUs and to secure good levels of inventory in advance," he said. "We anticipate that many of the customers who have been holding back on upgrades in anticipation of this new wave of AI-capable laptops and PCs arriving, will now start to take a serious look at their options. In many cases, those upgrades will have been long overdue, and there should be good potential for partners to drive business."

In addition, reseller partners will also be able to make use of TD Synnex’s trade-in services, which provide assured disposal and recycling, to help customers meet their sustainability goals, Reed added.

"Partners can use our services to quote for trade-in deals on any laptop or mobile device from any manufacturer," he said. "As well as ensuring all products are fed back into the circular economy and do not end up in landfill, trade-ins mean the customer gets an even better deal, which in turn makes upgrading even more attractive."

Whether it is a complete estate of laptops, PCs or tablets that are being upgraded, or just a single device, TD Synnex can provide partners with various finance options. These include TaaS deals that allow customers to spread the cost of new equipment over a period of two years or more. TD Synnex also recently announced Microsoft Flex – a programme specifically aimed at customers purchasing new Surface products.

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