Tide Turns For IP

1 min read
The tipping point for IP deployment over traditional PBX technology is moving ever closer - opening up new markets for dealers to exploit, according to distributor Nimans.

“The take up on the deployment of IP technologies in the workplace is growing day by day,” said Nimans’ Systems Sales Director, Phil Adams. “We can see it with the increase of IP end points of all kind, spreading beyond the traditional communications arena into areas such as security surveillance.”

Phil says more and more hybrid system technology is being switched to IP, with the upwards trends set to continue. “We have had four or five years of seeing the increase of IP enabled switches being shipped to market and over the last 12 months we have started to see a significant expansion over and above digital and analogue.”

Home working, mobility, virtual private networking and presence capabilities are helping fuel demand, according to Phil who added: “Third party suppliers are also coming to market with IP camera equipment. These kind of bolt on services create great opportunities for the traditional telephony dealer to expand into new areas of activity.”

“As more and more businesses become aware and confident with IP the whole process starts to snowball. “

Phil concluded: “Today there are no real issues with system crashes. We know from our own internal experiences they are very rare. IP represents the future and there are virtually limitless opportunities for dealers to benefit from as this ever-evolving technology has the potential to significantly increase their revenue streams.”