Tollring launches Analytics 365 AI-Powered Recording on Microsoft and AppSource

The new offering provides transcription and automated AI-driven keyword, topic, sentiment and outcome analysis at scale.

The newly-launched product enables organisations to use their recordings to achieve greater insight into customer journeys, trends and behavioural patterns to drive customer service improvements.

The trio of Analytics 365 Call Analytics, Collaboration Analytics and now AI-Powered Recording provides users with intuitive visual insights that reveal trends and patterns of behaviour across all types of communication within Microsoft Teams. It makes it easier for managers to understand performance and productivity across every part of their business. And, with the ability to compare real-time and historical insights, organisations can understand their operational performance as well as identify new strategies and tactics to improve customer experience and drive business performance.

Service providers and MSPs can access the benefits of the Analytics 365 portfolio through Microsoft’s marketplaces, their own marketplace or as a part of their own solution. Tollring's analytics provides tangible differentiation within its Direct Routing and Operator Connect offerings, while making it easy to implement using Tollring's traditional cloud-based analytics platforms.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring, said, "Having all three Analytics 365 applications transactable in the Azure and AppSource marketplaces is a huge enabler for our customers and partners. The Analytics 365 suite enables organisations to completely transform end-to-end customer experiences, and is very quick and easy to access. I'm particularly thrilled to be adding AI-Powered Recording to the suite, since although necessary for compliance, it unlocks new depths of insight that previously could only be extracted through manual, human interaction. Insights on customer sentiment and behaviours can now be delivered quickly and at scale."

Matt Townend, executive director at Cavell Group, said, "Tollring's latest initiative to offer AI-powered call recording represents a significant step forward in the capabilities now available to their end users and channel partners."

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