Zen Reduces Cost of Leased Lines

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Zen Internet has reduced the cost of its Leased Line services with prices starting from less than £400 a month, making it one of the most competitive providers in the current market.

This announcement reflects Zen’s on-going commitment to offer competitively priced business class connectivity to ensure that businesses of all sizes can benefit from solutions previously only available to larger enterprises.

Zen is able to offer the reduced Leased Line prices to Partners by continually investing in major developments of its next generation network. In the last year over £4m has been invested in its core infrastructure to build a network of local exchange Points of Presence (PoPs). Zen’s 200 PoPs plus another 270 exchange locations will enable it to provide services to at least 6 million UK businesses.

Reliability and support are critical in business, where every second of downtime could mean lost work, lost custom and lost income. Zen’s Leased Lines services are highly scalable, secure, reliable and ready for applications including VoIP and Video Conferencing. It has a business class Service Level Agreement (SLA) and 24/7 access to UK based technical support and customer service.

“Leased Lines are the fastest growing connectivity technology for business and a key enabling technology for a range of important communication solutions and business applications including Unified Communications, SaaS and of course Cloud based services. There is also a strong argument that Leased Lines are the value added connectivity platform that can be key in retaining all of a customer’s fixed line and Voice services – so it’s essential that Partners are involved,” said Deborah Wrigley, Channel Sales Manager.

Leased Lines offer an uncontended connection to the Internet or to a company’s private network. With the advent of Cloud based services and the growth in multi-media applications this guaranteed bandwidth becomes vital as without it Partners risk providing their customers with a connectivity service that is simply not fit for purpose. This flexible technology provides a future proof platform for embracing new services and gives Partners the opportunity to sell complementary telephony, security and hosted services in the future.

“All of Zen’s services are supported by a highly robust and resilient network and excellent technical support and customer service. Working with a good, reliable provider ensures that a business’s network is ready for the demands of today’s businesses”, added Deborah.

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