The future of customer experience

Jonathan Maher, head of contact centre specialists, Avaya Europe, explains the role generative AI can play in transforming customer experience.

Up until now, AI in the contact centre has typically been at the front-end, usually answering routine questions from customers in the form of intelligent virtual assistants.

This traditional AI analyses vast sets of interaction data, recognising patterns that can be used to help managers make data-driven decisions to improve things like customer engagement, cross-selling and upselling, and agent guidance. It is trained to follow specific rules and perform a given task intelligently.

Generative AI (Gen AI) on the other hand, is transformative in that it doesn’t just recognise patterns from data but learns from them to create entirely new content. It can create text outputs, images, music, and even computer code from information it is given.

Gen AI is powered by the foundation of Large Language Models (LLMs) that can multi-task and perform operations out-of-the-box, including summarisation, Q&A, classification, and more. Plus, with minimal training required, foundation models can be adapted for targeted use cases with very little example data.

Avaya’s ‘Generative CX’ vision for future customer and employee experiences puts Gen AI at the core of customer experience transformation, touching everything from agent experience to customer satisfaction to operations. The Generative CX concept provides a vision of how AI can be extended right to the heart of the contact centre, creating workflows, reports and helping agents better serve their customers.

Use cases – recently demonstrated at GITEX 2023 – include:

  • Giving CX leaders the ability to simply input in plain English the workflows they want to create, such as “help a customer receive the appropriate service from IT support”. The AI powered solution then instantly returns complete customer journey maps that can be utilised in Avaya Experience Platform.
  • Enabling contact centre managers to gain access to specific, actionable insights simply by providing natural language requests for information (i.e., “Give me a KPI performance report for each channel, for Wednesday”).
  • Generative AI can also be used to provide recommendations and remedies for contact centre performance and process optimisation, based on Avaya Experience Platform analytics.

Advanced AI tools can help organisations – both public and private – empower their teams to better serve customers, as well as empower customers to create their own preferred journeys across multiple touchpoints. Solutions can also enable existing investments to be expanded with new capabilities to deliver an even better experience.

Gen AI is still in its infancy, but its impact is being compared to the emergence of the internet, mobile, and cloud. If you are considering what Gen AI means for your customer experience and wondering how your organization might benefit from this transformative technology, Avaya’s new white paper - Using Generative AI for Improving Customer Experience - covers the fundamentals and why it’s the new standard for customer experience.

According to a recent Insight report, two-thirds of executives plan to use generative AI to enhance customer service in the next three years. If you are one of them, then Avaya can help.