Cash in on the digital gold rush with Daisy Partner Business

Julien Parven, director of Daisy Partner Business, explains why we’re in the midst of a digital gold rush - and there is massive opportunity to capitalise.

The copper Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is retiring, entering stop sell in 2023 and switching off in 2025. There are up to 6 million UK SME businesses needing connectivity on the new fibre network – and upgrading to digital voice. That’s roughly a £13bn opportunity to cash in.

Vodafone is also switching off its 3G networks in 2023, with EE and Three following in 2024. Any devices, from phones to alarms, that are 3G-only need upgrading and fast. Ofcom estimates that 5.5 million mobile phone customers are still using 2G and 3G devices.

On top of these nationwide upgrades to new technology, we are firmly entering the age of the cloud and the Internet of Things.

Facilitating flexible or hybrid working, enabling easy and secure multi-site working and saving costs on on-premise servers are all driving the need to for business to embrace technology like the services within tools like Microsoft 365 and technology that makes the most of connected, smart devices.

This is a golden opportunity for the savvy sales person to make their fortune – but they don’t have to go it alone.

Partner with the best for success

Daisy Partner Business segments the marketplace, positions new technologies and distributes opportunities. Our training, business development and marketing support, as well as virtual reseller proposition, place us at the forefront of this digital transformation.

Saving on investment in infrastructure, people and systems to deliver services, partners can focus on being the tip of the spear, cutting through the competition. Our top-level vendor relationships ensure we offer market-leading commercials and exclusive propositions to partners looking to sell telecoms, connectivity and mobile services, as well as branching into IoT, hosted voice, and IT and telematics.

Daisy Partner Business’ virtual reseller programme makes it even easier for resellers to run their business, as well as offering a lucrative exit opportunity for when the time is right to move on.

Resellers can migrate their base and place future business with Daisy Partner Business and we’ll manage customers on their behalf.

Daisy Partner Business functions like a back office, taking care of credit, billing, delivery and service to free up more time for our partners to concentrate on generating sales and driving revenue. Our model mitigates much of the business risk for partners, while allowing them to maintain their own relationships and identity.

Not to mention, that if partners should decide to depart the business at any point, Daisy will help to manage that exit, offering a buy-out calculated on the partner’s base billing, realising the value in their business.

The technology Daisy can bring to your customers

Our range of products include hosted telephony, mobile, connectivity, IoT, managed IT and telematics.

Hosted telephony

Daisy Partner Business can ensure customers are ready for the PSTN Switch Off in 2025 with our hosted voice telephony solutions, which will allow partners to offer feature-rich phone systems for more flexibility and improved productivity.

Daisy Hosted Voice (DHV) is our market-leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) proposition. With this scalable solution, your customer’s phone system sits in the cloud and offers a wide range of capabilities and features that are easily managed in an online portal. Our hosted solutions offer your customers built-in business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities with call re-routing functionality.


By choosing to become a mobile partner with Daisy, we’ll provide your customers with a wide range of business mobile and SIM only deals and unique, tailored tariffs so that you can offer plans that works for them and their business.

We have years of experience in guiding partners through the smooth rollout of purchases and leasing for mobile fleets. So, we’re well placed to advise on personalised device management solutions for your clients. And, unlike most providers, we can combine multiple tariffs from different networks into a single bill, helping make your customers’ lives easier.


Our connectivity products meet the needs of all business sizes and budgets, making us the perfect channel partner for resellers. With our range of future-proof solutions, customers will stay connected beyond the PSTN Switch Off in 2025.

With up to 6 million UK SME businesses needing connectivity on the new fibre network, you need to make sure you are partnered with someone like Daisy, which has a range of robust, ultrafast solutions aggregating the best business broadband services from leading suppliers.


We enable our partners to hand their customers next generation technology with Daisy Anywhere, our brand new innovative IoT proposition.

Daisy Anywhere is cellular technology – it’s a connectivity option that requires no wires and your customers won’t experience any lengthy lead times. It’s a flexible, cost effective and future tech solution and gives you an IoT proposition to go to market with.

The SIM card is built on incredible, multi-network technology. It doesn’t rely on a single network and instead builds a reliable data connection by connecting to the strongest network currently available.

It also doesn’t matter where your customers are, as Daisy Anywhere covers 960 networks across 185 countries in the world, making working from anywhere easy and effective.

Managed IT and telematics

Now more than ever before, cloud solutions are essential to a business that’s looking to future-proof themselves and adopt a remote working strategy.

Help your customers work from anywhere with our cloud solutions. Choose from several different Microsoft 365 business packages to equip them with a whole host of communication tools and collaboration features. Or keep them in control of their fleet with telematics that enable them to achieve more.

What are you waiting for?

We have a team of specialists on hand to help you bring these products to your customers, along with a team of support staff to help manage your customers’ experience – freeing you up to cash in on the current digital gold rush.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website at daisypartners.co.uk or call 0333 320 4540 today to find out how we can give you the tools to make your fortune.