Payforit success with ericsson

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Ericsson IPX, which introduced the first mobile WAP billing payment system complying with the Payforit scheme (on T-Mobile UK, Virgin and Vodafone, in December 2006) says it’s been a big success -- “We have seen a 20% increase in sales for operators with Payforit” said Peter Garside from Ericsson IPX.
“We have eleven clients running Payforit running 130 different services so we have significant data to draw on.

Before December the consumer would just be told that ‘this content will cost £3’ with no branding. Now the screen says Payforit and we have seen a significant increase in take up when consumers see the branding.”

The service is still being rolled out with operators, but 3,

Orange and O2 are all due to go live about now.
Payforit is designed for purchases below £5 and the current average purchase is £3. A possible increase of the upper limit to £10 is under discussion but Garside said that if approved this would be the upper limit.

With Payforit, all payment pages are hosted by Accredited Payment Intermediaries (aggregators); not the merchant separating the payment mechanism and the merchant. The payment intermediary is responsible for auditing all transactions therefore creating a secure, reliable payment mechanism, where consumers can feel reassured.