The Mole Digs the Dirt!

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Don’t you just love em? Yep, they’re at it again – the Commercial Workers Union are specifically targeting employees of Orange, T-Mobile and NTL to become members and we all know what  that means.More Ballots at our mobile buddies firms like those enjoyed by O2 and the recruitment of more of those beloved ‘workplace contacts’ who’ve been on the CWU free training course – don’t say I didn’t warn you.3 – time for a name change?3 sell 3G right? Oops.Many industry insiders now believe that 3G is just too slow for many of what are believed to be the ‘killer applications’ such as Mobile TV. Before consumers have fully grasped the benefits of 3G it’s already out of date moving to 3.5G, 4G and perhaps a 15Mbps High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) option being trailed by some of the big boys and looking like it’ll get rolled out Q3 this year.What does this mean for the industry? Are we leaving the consumer in our wake and moving on before they’ve caught up, or, shall we petition 3 to have its name changed to Super 4G HSDPA and hope they get the message.Psst… Oi NokiaNokia have decided that although the N-Gage sold the best part of 2 units and then tried to get those expensive N-Series phones to play games that the consumer is still desperate to play games on a Nokia device. So they’ve launched a next generation platform. 3D cards and multimedia whatsit – hmm…great. Did I say Psst? I should have said Psp.Motorola Products about to be banned!Now that Motorola has become the king of cool in the mobile world they’ve teamed up with some sportswear manufacturer to make a ‘Back to the future’ type multimedia jacket. The wearer connects their iPod and mobile to a control panel on their sleeve with BlueTooth and a couple of wires and heypresto they can listen and speak via the speakers and microphone in the jackets hood. All well and good as long as you don’t shop at BlueWater. At least they didn’t try and compete with the Games Console Market, which would’ve been really dumb.Tell me your secretsAny stories with an ounce of truth, a touch of naughtiness, a dash of humour, and any combination of those would be gratefully appreciated – email mole@MBmagazine.co.uk.