4X Currency launches new mobile currency exchange app for BlackBerry

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4X Currency Corporation, an online currency exchange company, has launched a new mobile version of its 4X Dealer platform in the form of an application for BlackBerry smartphones.

Business customers can use the application to access live currency rates provided directly from independent banks using their BlackBerry smartphone. The new application provides business users that trade overseas with an easier and more accessible method of making foreign currency purchases.

The online service accurately updates the user with live up to the second currency rates and allows deals to be made away from the office at any time and any place.

Helen Scott, managing director of 4X Currency, comments: “We are really excited about creating a mobile version of our service for the BlackBerry platform. Unlike most foreign exchange providers, our service is completely transparent allowing our customers to see live dealing rates at any time. The main benefit of our system is that clients can actually watch the changing rate themselves and when they are happy they click the deal instruction and that’s the rate they get. This new application will mean that a deal can be made at the best rate, from any location whether it is travelling on a train or even whilst climbing a mountain.”

The 4X Currency service is free and easy to use and it allows the user to instantly make currency purchases without the need for long, complicated and costly phone calls to banks or currency providers.