8el launches powerful tool for real-time network problem solving

1 min read
Reading based VoIP and data communications provider 8el, has today announced the launch of AppFlow, a real-time reporting tool for Wide Area Networks (WANs) that can pinpoint exactly why a network is running slowly and help customers to ensure that their communications run at peak performance.

AppFlow is an intuitive and easy to use tool, which can identify the cause of network congestion, right down to individual IP addresses and traffic type. For instance, it can identify whether an application running on a particular desktop computer, or if large files are being downloaded are the cause of network congestion and bottlenecks. This enables IT and network supervisors to deal with network issues immediately.

Says 8el Technical Director Phil O’Keeffe, “We are not aware of anything else on the market as sophisticated, cost effective or easy to use as AppFlow. Customers could build their own solutions, but these would take time and investment to commission and support. What we provide is a fully managed service, including installation. The 8el support team is trained on the platform to provide customers with comprehensive support when it matters.”

AppFlow is the latest addition to the 8el portfolio, which already includes the successful CallPort managed VoIP service, alongside WAN and ISP solutions.