Alert Logic Enhances Cloud Defender Solution

1 min read Cloud Cybersecurity
Alert Logic has announced key enhancements to the Alert Logic Cloud Defender solution that enable businesses to defend against web application attacks.

Enhanced capabilities to Cloud Defender include supervised machine learning and expanded anomaly detection capabilities that give businesses an unparalleled ability to stop complex, multi-stage web application attacks and further differentiates Alert Logic’s already unique ability to help businesses protect their cloud computing workloads.

“Data breaches resulting from web application attacks have increased significantly in the last three years and a multi-layer web application attack defence should be the cornerstone of any effective cloud security solution,” said Gray Hall, CEO of Alert Logic. “Machine learning delivered as part of a managed service that analyses petabytes of security data from our more than 4,000 customers enables unrivaled detection of complex, hard to identify attacks on web applications.”

One of the many advantages of cloud computing is the ability for businesses to more quickly develop and deploy revenue-generating web applications. Web applications, however, are rich targets for cybercriminals because of inherent vulnerabilities in ubiquitous third-party web application components and insecure coding practices.

“Most of the security incidents we identify with machine learning techniques include multiple attack stages that take advantage of flaws within a web application’s layers, and patience by the attacker,” said Misha Govshteyn, co-founder and SVP of Products for Alert Logic. “We are now able to reliably identify highly persistent attack campaigns lasting several weeks or months.”