Alternative Backup Makes A Difference

1 min read
Integrator Alternative has announced the launch of Alternative Backup as part of its IT Solutions product portfolio.

Alternative Backup is a client-server solution and offers a fully automated, online, cloud-based data backup and recovery solution for every business. The process has been designed to be simple yet powerful enough to handle large volumes of customer data and numbers of files.

“Our research shows that 66% of companies who hadn’t already implemented a cloud computing solution would opt for an online backup service before any other,” explains Justin Collins, Alternative’s IT Solutions Director. “The launch fits in perfectly with our already successful IT Solutions portfolio and is part of Alternative’s objective of delivering fully integrated technology and communications solutions.”

“We know that the market requires highly secure, cost-effective and scalable services,” continues Justin Collins. “Our customers are already seeing the benefits of our cloud-enabled Wide Area Network and Internet services being integrated with applications such as SIP trunking, as well as enabling services such as virtual datacentre and hosted applications.”

After the software has compressed and encrypted the data, a copy is retained at the client’s site and then transferred across a private network or the Internet to the Alternative Backup platform where it resides. This data is then mirrored to another datacentre for further resilience, which means that three copies of data are stored in total: one locally at the customer site, and two further copies at the datacentres.

“A backup console empowers the customer with remote administration of the system and online file restores. In the event of large data restores and/or disaster recovery situations, data can be taken to the customer site using a portable disk system,” concludes Justin Collins.