Aurora launches powerful auto-switch module

1 min read Networks & Network Services
As from July 1st, 2019 Ofcom implemented a new regulation called Auto-Switch MNP. This legislation is aimed at simplifying the process of changing mobile providers for the end user.

Aurora has been working hard to develop Auto-Switch functionality to ensure our customers are fully compliant; Mobile Resellers might not realise they need to offer this service yet, but as Ofcom plan to introduce more regulation on improving transparency and reducing costs for the end customer, it makes sense to have a billing platform that has fully compliant modules.

Derek Watson, Aurora’s COO advises “Mobile Resellers will need a fully connected system capable of receiving network auto-switch text messages, requesting and communicating a PAC code along with termination fees within 2 minutes; which is the worst-case scenario.”

He continues “Resellers will need a system that can talk to the networks and get messages back and forth in very short timescales, ensuring that it all links up to the billing, so that termination fees are communicated, and charges are stopped at the right time so it’s clear to the end customer they’ve received their final invoice.”

Having a billing system that is fully Ofcom compliant also enhances our customers’ service offering; and customers can relax knowing that SLA’s will be met. Affinity’s MNP Auto-Switch module also empowers the Reseller and/or end customer to monitor Switch requests through a dedicated Web Portal; however, you will need a direct connection with the mobile network or use one of Digital Wholesale Solution’s Services.