AWS reports 37% growth - but what does it mean?

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has reported a revenue growth of 37% as part of the wider Amazon Q2 earnings announcement. Dob Todorov, CEO at HeleCloud – an advanced AWS consulting partner – and former AWS CTO, comments on this growth and what it means for UK businesses:

“The continued revenue growth at AWS is a clear sign that more and more business – big and small – are moving to, and building in, the cloud. Public cloud platforms, like AWS, are helping to feed this demand by providing organisations, whether a start-up or government department, with a portfolio of cloud services and new technologies that would otherwise be too costly and complex to adopt with success.”

“However, AWS’ 37% growth also should also create a sense of urgency among those UK businesses that are yet to adopt Cloud in any meaningful way. The AWS results is an indication that businesses worldwide are migrating to the cloud and reaping the benefits. It is no longer a matter of “should we” but “when can we” and these UK businesses must make a decision before getting left behind. The reality is, many are still cautious when it comes to picking the “right” Cloud provider as it is a difficult decision. AWS allows businesses to scale risk-free, whilst also providing a level of data security that’s unparalleled, no matter the size.”

“However, the adoption of Cloud is also driving a need for new skills among UK businesses. The infamous “skills gap” continues to be a top challenge for UK businesses, with a lack of Cloud skills driving up costs and implementation times simultaneously. This is preventing many from meeting their business goals. The channel is the partner to help drive innovation forward and help bridge the skills gap in the short-term. As such, the channel must continue to offer new services whilst also helping UK businesses upskill their workforce.”