Boosty Launches Business Broadband Resilience

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Boosty has launched Boosty Business Broadband Resilience, a solution that helps small to medium businesses get more reliable broadband by seamlessly failing over to the 3G/4G on their smartphone. With broadband viewed as critical for many businesses, Boosty is a low-cost solution to keep them on-line in event of a fixed line failure and installs in just seconds.

“Businesses now see broadband as a vital utility. With the adoption of cloud services, off-site data backup, VoIP and e-commerce, any disruption can cost them hundreds or thousands of pounds an hour”, says Paul Evans, CEO of Boosty. “Despite this many businesses don’t have contingency plans in event of broadband failure. Up-front hardware costs, complexity to install and the need for an expensive (largely unused) 4G data SIM are cited as the main reasons. Our radically different approach helps businesses with networks fail-over to the 4G connection they’re already paying for; their smartphones.”

A small Boosty device is plugged into the back of their business Broadband router and a small app installed on smartphones. Only when the business broadband line fails will Boosty move traffic to the smartphone’s mobile connection. To ensure the smartphone data allowance is used sparingly, businesses can select which devices are important enough to fail over. Boosty will be showcasing its new failover product at the Channel Live event at the NEC, from Tuesday 12th to Wednesday 13th September 2017.

Boosty Business Broadband Resilience’s launch RRP is £99 + VAT which includes the plug & play router and 12 months’ service. More information can be found at