Bulldog launches free trial of super-fast 4Mbps broadband

1 min read
Broadband provider Bulldog is offering what they claim to be the UK’s fastest home broadband for free for two months – with no activation charge.

Bulldog, the UK broadband and phone company, has launched an offer to trial its 4 Megabit per second (Mbps) @ctive broadband services - the UK’s fastest residential broadband connection - for two months free of charge, plus free connection.

The offer has been available in London from 2nd November and will give both residential and business customers two months free access to super-fast 4Mbps broadband - in addition to free activation of the service on existing BT phone lines. After the two months free trial customers will move to a rolling one-month contract.

“This is a chance for people to get a taste of super-fast internet”, said Richard Greco, CEO of Bulldog Broadband. “Internet users in the UK have been held back by slow internet speeds for too long – it’s time that people realised that even a 512kbps connection isn’t real broadband. Life’s better at 4Mbps – we want to show people how much better.”