CounterPath launches Referral Programmes for Bria Solo and Bria Teams

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CounterPath has released details of its new Referral Programmes for Bria Teams and Bria Solo subscribers.

“During these unprecedented times, working from home has become the new normal, but staying connected with colleagues and customers is not always easy,” said Todd Carothers, Chief Revenue Officer at CounterPath. “Bria Teams and Bria Solo are enabling many businesses to continue to communicate remotely. With our new Referral Programme, we’re offering Bria Solo and Bria Teams subscribers the ability to extend their UC services with these account credits, while also being able to share a superior communication experience with others.”

How the programmes work:

Share a referral link

All Bria Teams and Bria Solo subscribers have a unique referral code that can be easily accessed when they login to their account. They can share the code itself or a link that includes the code to have their friends or business associates easily sign-up for the service.

Activate the referral

Once a referral code is shared, the referee must subscribe to a monthly or annual plan for the credits to be applied to their account. This can be done immediately by subscribing, or by subscribing after the end of the 30-day trial period. Once a referee has subscribed, the referrer’s account will be credited at the same time.

Enjoy credits!

The Bria Teams Referral Program provides a $30 USD credit to the administrator account of the referring team. The referee receives a credit in the amount of 20% of their initial subscription fee, regardless of team size or subscription term.

The Bria Solo Referral Programme provides both the referrer and the referee with $10 USD credit to their accounts.

Both Referral Programmes also include zero limits on the number of referral credits a company or individual can receive. Bria Teams administrators and Bria Solo subscribers are welcome to refer as many businesses or friends as they’d like, and so long as their referee subscribes to the solution, the referrer will receive the associated credit.