Dedicated Portal for Thus Channel Partners

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When telecoms re-sellers want to access tools and resources that will generate business, read the latest industry news, find information on branding and the latest updates on products and pricing, their first port of call will be the newly launched THUS Channel Partner Portal

THUS, a significant supplier to the Channel in both retail and wholesale has developed the Channel Partner Portal in response to the needs of the sector to maintain its pre-eminent position at the forefront of the Channel market.

The site is split into an open access area with general information about THUS and its Channel Partner programme and a password-protected area for registered Channel Partners. Within the secure area, there are a range of resources available which will have real value for Channel Partners, making their job easier and saving them time and money.

The Channel Partner Portal is the latest in a series of products and service enhancements THUS has delivered and acts to further cement the company’s leading role in setting the standards in the Channel market.

THUS’s Channel Partners will be able to purchase a range of THUS products and services through an extranet provisioning system, improve their own core service offerings and ensure that they are delivering the most comprehensive and up to date product portfolio. THUS provides a comprehensive, feature-rich range of Channel Partner products and services and has significant experience in voice and data delivery including the provision of a clear migration roadmap for NGN solutions.

Duncan Wilkinson, Head of Channel at THUS plc said: “One of our key strategic aims is to make it easier for our Channel Partners to do business with THUS and develop the relationship we have with them. With this extranet, we intend to make it much easier for prospective and existing Channel Partners to access the information and resources they need now and in the future”.