Deep Instinct announces new partner programme

1 min read Cybersecurity
Deep Instinct has today announced its new partner programme, Stratosphere. The model focuses on expected partner margins, rather than discount, and is based on deal origination path (i.e partner initiated vs. Deep Instinct initiated).

The revamped model also allows partners to earn incremental margin based on loyalty points earned through commitment to and investment in Deep Instinct rather than through volume bookings alone.

Brian Feeney, vice president of global channels and alliances, Deep Instinct, said, “I’m grateful to be part of a team that is simultaneously disrupting both the cybersecurity industry and traditional channel models. As a channel team, we were tired of partner programmes that are 60-slides long and require a master’s degree to understand.

“Additionally, so many vendors talk about an expected discount off of list price, but that just doesn’t resonate with partners if the customer price is, in reality, close to their expected discount. Instead, by focusing on expected margin through emphasizing simplicity, profitability, and memorability, we plan to provide our partners with an easy to understand one-page partner programme and the opportunity to realise up to 35 per cent deal margin.”

Deep Instinct’s sales go-to-market strategy has evolved to a 100 per cent channel focus over the past few years and the company said the Stratosphere name was selected to reflect the level of the atmosphere that pilots seek to climb towards to avoid the turbulence.

The vendor was founded on the premise that deep learning could be applied to cybersecurity to prevent more threats, with the company's solutions built around the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform. Partners in the UK include Cloud Distribution.