EfficientIP and Cisco combine platforms to combat DNS attacks

1 min read Cybersecurity
EfficientIP is combining its technology with Cisco’s network security product suite, the Cisco Umbrella platform. This alliance extends the perimeter of enterprise security and strengthens defences by safeguarding data and protecting users, whether they are on or off-network, and at the same time the on and off-premise DNS Services they are accessing.

It does this by combining Cisco’s cloud-based Secure Internet Gateway with EfficientIP’s security for on-premise DNS services. The complementary technologies create a best-of-breed solution to protect against a wide range of DNS-based menaces.

As a result of a rapidly-evolving threat landscape and with increasing cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) usage, DNS has become a primary target and a major assault vector for hackers, damaging brand reputation, revenue and the operational efficiency of organisations across all sectors.

The new capabilities arrive at a good time. Recent research by EfficientIP shows that in the past twelve months, 77% of companies suffered DNS attacks, and the cost per DNS attack increased by 57% to $715,000 in that same period.

Commenting on the complementary technologies, David Williamson, CEO at EfficientIP, said: “This alliance provides the adaptive protection and service continuity modern networks need to face an increasingly complex threat landscape. New challenges, like the rise of IoT and the varied arsenal of cyber criminals demand technology cooperation across domain experts like Cisco and EfficientIP. Our two technologies complement each other perfectly, to offer a plug-and-play solution to protect both DNS services and on and off-site users.”