Excitor makes the iPhone fit for business

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Excitor, the mobile email and device management specialist, has announced the launch of a DME mobile email client for handling corporate emails on the iPhone.

The first version of the DME iPhone client will support synchronisation of contacts and email for both Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino. It will also include email attachment support, allow synchronisation of email sub-folders, search emails on the server and allow users to access their global contact books.

The new mobile email client from Excitor means that IT departments will now be able to allow managers, executive and employees to use the iPhone without worrying about the security implications of doing so.

Excitor’s DME email client for the iPhone will support the same high level of security and fine grained control options as DME provides for other mobile handsets. Traffic to the iPhone will be encrypted, and then all messages on the phone will be stored in an encrypted format and only decrypted when viewed on the phone.

Carsten Eliot, CTO at Excitor, said: “Excitor has worked intensively to develop a DME email client compatible with the iPhone handset. This announcement means that the next generation of iPhones can become a sleek and now also secure professional work tool, not only limited for consumer use.”

As always with DME mobile email on a mobile phone, the solution is password protected and the authentication is fully integrated into both Domino LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory. With these secure features, enterprise IT Managers have the additional assurance that the iPhone will not pose security threats to their networks.

The first iPhone DME email solution will be available for customers in October of this year. The DME solution will be distributed via Apple’s Application Store.