Glue4 Technologies rebrands as Proxama

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Technology innovations company, Glue4 Technologies, has rebranded as Proxama. The rebrand marks the company’s success in helping consumer facing organisations get more from smart cards, NFC, mobile phones, the web and interactive TV.

As Proxama makes its formal entry into the consumer technologies market, it does so with a growing number of high profile clients, including Virgin Mobile, Sky, BT and MasterCard. The company also has a large number of proven business partnerships helping it to build open and flexible solutions that can be easily integrated with other service and solution providers.

Founder and CEO of Glue4 Technologies, Dr Neil Garner, explained: “As the market continues to evolve and our core consumer technologies develop, we are helping more clients to effectively and painlessly use them to innovate. We wanted a brand that would better express the firm’s expertise and the work we do. We chose Proxama as it has resonance in the market, particularly in relation to the sort of simple and easy to integrate solutions we create in contactless payments and ticketing, loyalty, and service discovery.

“There is growing interest in all of our technologies right now, particularly in smart cards and mobile phones,” Dr Garner continued. “But the challenges for consumer facing organisations remain very real. While there are now superior mobile handsets capable of a range of applications and the mobile web is a much better proposition, brands and retailers continue to struggle to link their online and real world presence. Proxama is well placed to help improve that customer experience, because we focus first and foremost on the customer’s user journey, not the technology.”