Konftel Cam20 is now Zoom certified

Konftel has announced that the Konftel Cam20 video conferencing camera has been certified to work with Zoom Rooms by Zoom Video Communications. The plug-and-play device features 4K video quality and a 123° field of view.

Torbjörn Karlsson, product manager, Konftel, explained, “The Konftel Cam20 is the second in our product range to be certified to work with Zoom services and helps deliver a natural and fluent meeting experience. Certification was achieved following a rigorous testing process.”

Jeff Fox, senior product marketing manager, Zoom, added, “Certification of the Konftel Cam20 further adds to the appeal of our Zoom Rooms service at a time when more and more organisations are looking to combine office-based with remote flexibility, further elevating the importance of video meetings across a wider range of environments.”

The Konftel Cam20 also features an optional auto framing functionality. If someone leaves the room, for example, the framing will automatically readjust to focus on the remaining participants.