Mobile messaging numbers to skyrocket

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VeriSign, a provider of internet infrastructure services for the networked world, announced another strong quarter for mobile messaging, based on the latest quarterly index of mobile messaging statistics compiled by VeriSign's Messaging and Mobile Media division.

For the year ended 30 June 30, VeriSign’s combined mobile messaging networks delivered 95.4 billion inter-carrier SMS messages, eclipsing the previous record for text messages in the first half of any year. VeriSign's network also set a single day record by enabling 648 million texts over a 24 hour period and a one hour record of 42 million messages.

All told, VeriSign’s combined mobile messaging networks enabled more than 52 billion messages in Q2 2008, up more than 20% from the previous quarter. VeriSign facilitated an average of approximately 572 million messages per day in Q2 2008, compared to approximately 476 million messages per day in Q1 2008 and approximately 230 million messages per day in Q2 2007.

These record breaking numbers provide additional evidence to support VeriSign’s projection earlier this year that its combined mobile messaging networks will enable close to 200 billion total messages worth more than $7 billion in revenue to VeriSign customers by the end of the year.

Charles Landry, vice president and general manager for products and innovation for VeriSign’s Messaging and Mobile Media division, said: "As mobile messaging usage continues to grow at a rapid pace, consumers and operators are demanding secure and reliable delivery of their messages. VeriSign continues to raise the bar by providing unparallel service and delivery at scale with 99.999-plus percent availability in the past 18 months and 100 percent availability for the last nine months. This is critical, because as texting traffic will only continue to grow, service providers and end users will need a network that they can count on."