Mobilethink Connecting Manx Telecom’s Global eBusiness Users

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Over-the-air configuration settings platform for all devices including those running Windows Phone 7 proves decisive for the carrier in choosing Mobilethink’s new device management solution.

Mobile device management vendor Mobilethink today announces that its latest release of the device management solution (DMS) for Over-the-Air (OTA) mobile phone connectivity has been selected by Manx Telecom ( for its Next Generation Network (NGN).

The DMS is being provided through Mobilethink’s business partner Morpho Cards (, which also supplies the carrier with silent SMS detections from SIM card to DMS. This enables OTA device connectivity settings to be issued automatically and instantly.

With increasing numbers of devices in the NGN likely to be running the Windows Phone 7 operating system, Mobilethink’s unique fix for WP7 phones which is included in its latest platform, was one of the reasons behind Manx Telecom’s decision to deploy the new DMS. Other reasons cited by the carrier include longevity of service having experienced the benefits of using Mobilethink’s earlier DMS platforms for years.

NGN a £25 million investment

Manx Telecom’s NGN is a £25 million investment aimed at making the Isle of Man a global centre of excellence for eBusiness in all its forms and is being developed in partnership with the Isle of Man Government.

The NGN targets eBusiness corporations and businesses both on and off the Island offering unmatched quality, uptime, service and support.

“In building a world class next generation network, it is essential not to cut corners and to deploy only best-of-breed products and services,” says Mike Dee, CEO at Manx Telecom. “Mobilethink’s new device management solution is clearly streets ahead of the pack, and the focus on very broad OS support is perfect for all our needs in getting users wherever instantly connected to the mobile web wherever they are in addition to generating data revenue streams.”

“Every second counts in our ARPU-focussed mobile world and ensuring that customer’s have a no-hassle experience when joining a network is the ultimate goal,” adds Thomas Yde Frederiksen, Mobilethink’s chief of product management and marketing. “Mobilethink and Morpho Cards are proud to have been chosen by Manx Telecom for its ambitious NGN project, which serves to underline our market leading products and solutions.”

Device Testing Partnerships

Mobilethink operates Interoperability Testing Partnerships (IOT) with device manufacturers to ensure the highest possible device coverage in GSM networks. Currently, the firm has continuous IOT’s in place with over 120 device manufacturers including Samsung and LG enabling Mobilethink to update its database of device settings before new models are launched.

The database now contains connectivity settings for over 3,800 different devices and can recognise 82,000 plus uniquely certified GSMA identification device codes. No other device management provider offers such an extensive database of device settings.

Isle of Man’s Data Centre

Manx Telecom operates the Island’s only purpose-built Data Centre providing services such as business continuity, simple co-location, managed hosting services, or full e-commerce platforms to on and off-Island companies.

It also operates the Connect Mann network – one of the largest integrated eGovernment networks in the world. The network provides a comprehensive range of mobile, fixed line and Internet services to more than 230 Government sites throughout the Island.