Motorola teams up with SDL for translation in local markets

1 min read Networks & Network Services
SDL, a provider of global information management (GIM) solutions, has announced it has been selected by Motorola to provide a GIM solution to support its corporate websites, including the Hellomoto, MyMotorola and MotoLab sites.

The handset manufacturer selected SDL to improve the quality of translation and an enhanced consistency of local content for its global marketing collateral. Motorola’s global interactive marketing group required a means by which it could disseminate new marketing collateral across its regional websites, and be assured of the highest quality of localised content.

Previously, regional teams would create and publish their own local content in a decentralised way. This caused problems with inconsistent branding and terminology across each of the local sites.

Motorola is using the services of SDL’s inhouse, in-country translators, to localise original content into 25 languages for regional teams to use, as part of a more centralised approach.

Garry Levitt, business unit director at SDL, said: “In this global economy, translation quality is rising on the corporate agenda, as poor translations alienate local audiences. By using local, inhouse translators, we are able to set corporate standards and rules for translations that are strictly adhered to.

“The time spent creating localized copy can be considerable for many global organizations,” continued Levitt. “Being able to control the creation and localisation of content, according to well defined, repeatable processes, is allowing these companies to maximize reuse and is driving consistent brand and messaging. SDL is enabling Motorola to make cost savings by reusing content and reduce the time taken to get new marketing initiatives out to its customers.”