MZA reports Q2 2008 World PBX and IP PBX Market figures

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MZA has released its “Corded PBX/IP PBX Market” report for Q2 2008, which shows that worldwide sales of PBX and IP PBX extensions (excluding Micro PBX products) declined by 1% in the period April to June 2008 compared to the same period of 2007.

Overall, just over 15 and a half million extensions were supplied to the market. MZA figures also show that the worldwide penetration of IP extensions into total deployments at the desktop has now reached 24%. This market area continues to experience double digit growth in spite of falls in the overall corded PBX market. The report reveals that Panasonic and Cisco attained the greatest market shares at a global level, while Cisco continues to lead the IP extensions market, followed by Avaya and Mitel.

Q2 2008 was a weaker quarter in all global regions, with the exception of Asia Pacific. In terms of Eastern and Western Europe, Western Europe experienced the largest drop with regards to the volume of extensions sold as 46 thousand fewer extensions were deployed compared to Q2 2007. In particular, the Spanish and Dutch markets suffered significant falls compared to the same period last year, with less activity also seen in Italy and France.

The Middle East and Africa market fared better than Eastern Europe, where a decline of 2% was registered. This equates to a drop of 26 thousand extensions compared to 32 thousand in Eastern Europe. Notably, Russia bucked the overall trend and continued to experience modest levels of growth.

Greater setbacks were experienced in Latin America and most heavily in North America. Both these markets dropped by 3%, which means that North America now represents 21% of the total world market while Asia Pacific rises to 28%. Other regions stay constant.

Global IP Extensions Market

North America, where Cisco remains overall market leader for a second consecutive quarter, continues to represent the largest market for IP extensions, with a penetration rate of over 50%. This compares to a penetration rate of less than 30% in Western Europe, although the UK, where Nortel leads the total extensions market, followed by Mitel and Cisco, achieved a 48% rate of penetration in Q2 2008, which remains significantly higher than the European average.

North America now accounts for 45% of IP extensions sold globally (down from 47% in Q2 2007), followed by Western Europe, with a 29% share (up from 28% in Q2 2007).