On the Record for PetPartners

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PetPartners Plc, one of the world's leading pet insurers and specialists in providing insurance services to the Kennel Club, has signed a 3-year deal with telephony solutions provider GemaTech, for its secure voice recording solution GemaTech SVR Lite. The £25,000 deal sees the system recording 1000 calls per day undertaken by PetPartners’ call centre operatives.

With the GemaTech SVR Lite in place, PetPartners is able to fully comply with Financial Services Authority (FSA) requirements at the same time as closely monitoring the quality of service that its operatives provide.

Insuring tens of thousands of dogs and cats, PetPartners is the name behind three of the UK's largest pet insurance brands – Kennel Club Healthcare Plan, Crufts Pet Insurance and Petlog Pet Insurance. Having experienced significant growth, the company had to move its staff into larger offices.

“The new offices came completely unequipped which meant that we were very much masters of our own kingdom,” explained Debra Green, General Manager of PetPartners. “As we were – and still are – expanding rapidly, it was very important for us to have a telecommunications system that would allow us to keep a firm hand on our quality control as well as provide us with a comprehensive training tool for operatives without affecting our call handling response.”

Last year PetPartners reimbursed owners for over £5million worth of veterinary treatment. With a rapidly growing customer base and an ever-increasingly crowded pet insurance market, quality of service for existing and potential customers is paramount. The GemaTech SVR Lite solution allows PetPartners’ personnel to save recorded calls to their PCs, alongside other key client information, from Word documents to Excel spreadsheets. Both inbound and outbound calls are indexed in a number of ways including by date, time of day, inbound/outbound number dialled, originating CLI (if made available) etc. as well as staff member and/or extension number receiving/making the call for easy retrieval. This system enables team members to remove themselves from the working environment and, either with an advisor or in the form of a self-audit, replay the recordings of their calls for quality control and training purposes.

One of the key benefits of the GemaTech solution is the speed with which calls can be identified and replayed – a facility that is crucial for call centre operatives to be able to locate a specific call, check that the relevant details were collected or relayed and, if necessary, contact the customer to quickly resolve any outstanding data requirements.

Commenting on the decision to choose GemaTech, Green states “Finding the right telephony solution was a bit of a minefield, but GemaTech was recommended to me by a previous business partner. While we looked at other systems on the market, we were incredibly impressed with GemaTech’s ability to take on board and address the company’s requirements and explain everything to us very clearly and in laymen’s terms.”

According to Green, from the start of the implementation programme, GemaTech proved that it was the partner of choice for PetPartners. “The new offices were installed with a Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony infrastructure. This presented a new challenge for GemaTech in the implementation stage, but its team rapidly got to grips with it and had the new system in place ready for the office change-over so that our high level of service delivery to our customers was completely uninterrupted.”

The new system went seamlessly live in June 2006 in which time PetPartners has only needed to make one support call.