PortingXS wins number transfer contract in Guernsey and Jersey

1 min read Networks & Network Services
PortingXS will steer the complex mobile number transfer operations in Guernsey and Jersey in the right direction. The Netherlands-based company, specialised in facilitating large scale number portability, will supply software to the six mobile telecom operators on the two British isles, so that clients will be able to keep their telephone numbers even if they change service providers. The Euro 500,000 contract will take three years to complete.

For PortingXS, the implementation of number portability on the two islands is a strategic step towards further expansion of its international activities. Ronald Vlasman, director of PortingXS, said: “Our market is strongly determined by the domestic market. National players are the stars in their own countries. At the moment, you can see that competitors are struggling to get established outside their domestic markets.

“The significance of the deal isn’t so much in the financial volume, as in the stringent number transfer requirements set by Guernsey and Jersey,” explained Vlasman. “Because of their British Crown dependency, the islands accommodate high quality service providers that consider availability and direct contact with clients of the utmost importance. As a result, Guernsey and Jersey are strong legal and financial centres.”

According to Vlasman, the strength of his business is in its ability to limit itself to the core activities. “We don’t promise anything we can’t follow through on. By keeping a tight focus on our core activities, we can better anticipate the needs of the client. Flexibility and clout are guiding principles in our business. Our motto is: We offer solutions, not products.”