Rittal Announces new range of ATCA and MicroTCA compatible AdvancedMC Modules

Rittal have introduced a range of ATCA and MicroTCA compatible AdvancedMC modules to their AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA product ranges.

The new additions include advanced mezzanine cards, face plates, filler sheets, air baffle plates and conversion modules which allow single (compact and full size) modules to be fitted to double (height) slots.

These simple parts provide several valuable functions. The filler sheets include a face plate to prevent the escape of cooling air through the front. Equipping with air baffle plates assists in directing the airflow, so that the unused slots do not act as chimneys which reduce the effective flow of cooling air from slots occupied with AMCs.

The face plates include hot-swap compatible injector/extractor handles and EMC gaskets to PICMG AMC.0 R.2.0 and may be upgraded with filler sheets and air baffle plates as required.

The new mezzanine cards compliment Rittal’s ATCA/AMC carrier blades, in both AMC.1 and AMC.2 configurations.